Grey Rattan Lined Rectangular Basket on Wheels



Grey Rattan Lined Rectangular Basket on Wheels

This product is made from rattan and comes with an inner lining. The wheels situated on the bottom of the product help with ease of travel.

Jack Straws Baskets were formed in 1976 and we are a leading supplier of traditional basketware as well as traditional designs. Our experience and expertise in basketry means that we introduce many innovative new designs. All of our products are made to be practical and useful in today’s world whilst retaining the charm of a handmade item.

Continuity of management and staff since the company formation provides a wealth of knowledge, thus enabling us to provide for the bulk market or the single bespoke piece. As the world has changed and we can no longer boast that all our baskets are made in Britain. However all of our small quantities still are UK made, but to remain competitive larger orders are sourced abroad.


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